Sunday, 16 August 2015

August 2015

The season on the River Taw has improved signifiacntly over last year.  Low water conditions slow things down but whenever there has been some rain salmon and sea trout are caught as soon as water levels steady.  It's a case of being there at the right time.

Bass fishing has been slow and the bass numbers seem reduced this year.  The new size limit aimed at preventing immature fish being caught by commercial and recreational fishing comes in force this autumn.  Hopefully there will be an improvement in numbers following this.

Our late September trip to the Miramichi river to fish for atlantic salmon will soon be here.  The fishing there this year has been much better than recent years.  Have a look at the Country Haven Lodge fishing report to see how well it is going there, click this link

Contact me or the lodge if you have an interest in our trip but don't delay as only a few spare places remain.


phone: 01769550840 / 07759352194

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