Friday, 12 October 2012

October 2012

The river fishing season has now closed but stillwaters remain open.  South West Lakes Wimbleball and Wistlandpound remain open until the end of November and the small stillwaters are open all year.  Winter fishing the small stillwaters given reasonable temperatures is often better than in the summer months.  Weed growth has reduced and colder water is more oxygenated, all better for fishing and the fish.

Our annual trip to the Miramichi in New Brunswick, Eastern Canada, was somewhat different this year.  Unlike areas of the UK, New Brunswick experienced a summer with virtually no rain and the river levels reduced dramatically.  Few fish entered the river and the locals said this year was the worst fishing season since 1968.  Our group managed to catch 15 fish and connected with as many more.  Several of the salmon caught were double figure fish, two in excess of 20 pounds.  Two of the lost fish were estimated to be over 30 pounds.

We are planning another trip next September and expect the river conditions to be back to normal and the fishing much improved on this year.  As before we include double and single hand casting tuition during this week.  Get in touch if you are interested in this trip.

Bryan Martin