Sunday, 1 May 2011

APRIL 2011

Well, what can you say.  April has been mostly tropical with river levels dropping throughout the month. As expected, these conditions have not produced much in the way of sport although some fish were caught before the levels dropped too far.  There are fish showing occasionally but proving difficult to catch in the low water.

Still waters have been challenging at times but rewarding when there were some clouds to shield the sun, but mostly in the evenings when the sun had dropped below the trees.

Hopefully the warm weather will result in our trips to the beach and estuary in search of bass starting a bit earlier this year.  The hot weather seems to be abating now and with a bit of luck we will get enough rain to lift the rivers before long.  Then we should start to see fish coming in and catches of salmon and sea trout being reported.

Keep an eye on the weather reports and get down to enjoy the fabulous scenery and fishing that Devon offers.