Monday, 27 May 2013

May 2013

It seems a long time since the last post, the cold windy weather earlier keeping things quiet.  We have been getting some good fishing on our stillwaters but the rivers have been a bit slow due to conditions.  Now things are warming up a bit and more insects are starting to emerge we are expecting the river trout fishing to begin in earnest.

Salmon and sea trout are beginning to show in more numbers although not too many have been caught so far.  Once again, the cold temperatures have kept the fish in the estuary where it is warmer.  This should change over the next few weeks as the late spring finally brings warmer conditions.

Another few weeks and we will start to explore the saltwater looking for bass and mullet.  The bass usually show in good numbers as the water warms and can be caught from the shore on the fly.

Once again, if you are still thinking of a fishing trip abroad this year have a look at my website and consider visiting New Brunswick on our annual 'Spey Week' in September.  We fly fish the Miramichi for Atlantic Salmon on the Country Haven Lodge private beats.  This is a prolific salmon river, rated as one of the best in the North Americas.  We still have a few vacancies this year so if you are interested, don't delay as places are now becoming short.


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